The Symfony bundles project

Some private Symfony Bundles, for a company called XTCO. Providing an object oriented abstraction layer on the top of a low level Web-Service. And a second bundle providing a specific way of managing users.


This one is a very technical project. It consisted on creating some Symfony bundles reusable on the different projects created by XTCO.

The first bundle aimed to manage users subscription and authentication. As XTCO mainly create private platform, not anyone is allowed to susbscribe and connect.

The second bundle, or to be more precise, a set of bundles, aimed to provide a high-level and object oriented abstraction over a web-service of an application: Vocaza, a feedback management software.

Those bundle were mainly inspired by Doctrine ORM: we have a bundle making abstraction of the web-service technicals (the WSAL bundle, stands for Web Service Abstraction Layer) on top of which we created a mapped oriented object representation (the ORL bundle, stand for Object Relational Layer). And then, we have a third bundle providing the base of an administration interface to easily create the mapping for each project.

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