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Our qualities


We understand your real needs and suggest solutions adapted to your processes.


Software created for you, based on your needs, and answering your requirements.


Interoperable & maintenable software, with a qualitative conception and a good writing code. Easy for your IT team to take back.

Our solutions

Web application & Intranet

Web application is the future. A business related application that you can access from everywhere without having to install anything on your terminal. You cannot dream better. And which today’s technologies, you can have fast and fluid experience may it be on a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

Our favorite technologies for those kind of project are PHP and Symfony. And we tend to use React.js for very dynamic user interfaces.

Data & Storage

Architecturing databases is one of our favorite job. The database is often consider as the skeleton of an application. And this is where you must find the just balance between performance and evolutivity. The first meaning of an evolutible database is that it’s conception is easily understood by new-coming programmers in your IT team.

If your needs can be complied into a relational database, our favorite tool is PostgreSQL. Otherwise, many other NoSQL database management system are available: CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, etc.

Desktop applications

Sometime, application require very high performance. You then need to go for lower level tools and languages. For such a purpose, C++ is our favorite. We particularly like the Qt framework that help making very good feel & look application depending on your operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Scripting & Processes

You need to automate some processes between servers, transferring data through network, parsing it, sending e-mail alert when something goes wrong, etc.

For those kind of problem, we tend to use Node.js more and more. Node.js allow you to easily work through network, manage system processes, push or pull data from files or databases, trigger some actions at specific time, etc.